I love thinking about myself as a human being and it brings me a lot of joy when I am seen by the others as an imperfect, vulnerable and yet, lovable person.

Hello, my name is Diana, nice to meet you!

Learning, training, and overall, living Nonviolent Communication (NVC) is a passion of mine that sometimes transforms into a challenge. Nevertheless, is a challenge that gives me the opportunity to grow and enjoy the connection with myself and others through a language of life. Sharing this passion and ideas with other people is my small contribution to the world we live in.

Throughout my journey in the NVC world, I’ve participated in several training sessions during the past years. I’ve started with my mentor Ian Peatey and continued with four Intensive International Training programs organized by CNVC in Greece, Italy, Bali, and the Netherlands spending each time, 9 days with certified trainers from Europe and US. In 2018 I followed the Year Course “Embodying and Teaching NVC” with Yoram Mosenzon in Amsterdam.

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