Connecting through Conflict

Wherever I would travel, live, be in a certain moment of my life, there was one thing that I would undoubtedly witness – CONFLICT. Whether it was inside or outside myself, close or far, mild or intense, personal or between groups of people, hidden or open, I would have a taste of it every day. 

Inside my network of relationships, I could notice fear of approaching it, a preference to hide, I would often go into withdrawal when I would be involved because I did not have the skills to approach it. 

Challenges arise everywhere, in family, with kids (mine are very determined to make me practice my skills in connecting through conflict everyday), friends, partners, colleagues, with people passing in front of the line

Next Event

April 20

18:00 - 21:00



What we will practice:

– How to be authentic in relationship when conflict arises?
– How to navigate conflict to build trust?
– How to connect to others in spite difference of opinion?
– How to deal with your inner conflicts?
– Experiencing empathy for transforming relationships.


Anyone interested in learning a more efficient way of communicating that leads to more cooperation and collaboration. We will create together a safe and interactive learning experience, where you will work with real situations that you find challenging in your life. My wish is also to build a cosy community and practice openness and authenticity during the two days.

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